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Düsseldorf means "fascination of variety". A mix of Rhinish charm and sophisticated elegance makes the city irresistible. Thus, it is no wonder that Düsseldorf has repeatedly been elected one of the cities with best quality of life worldwide. Find out what Düsseldorf has to offer!

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What is going on in Düsseldorf? Find information on the most recent news of our city.

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Upcoming events

Düsseldorf offers many events over the year: theatre, musical, a number of renowned museums, concerts, discotheques and much more. In our event calendar you will nearly find everything that is going to happen during the time of your trade show visit in Düsseldorf. All locations are easily found via city map and routing description.

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Düsseldorf has a large variety of restaurants and bars. You can find over 200 gastronomic highlights on the restaurant pages: from nobel to simple, from African to Vietnamese, from a gourmet restaurant to a bistro. To each restaurant we offer a city plan and an instruction for getting there.

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Fashion & Shopping

Düsseldorf is one of the most elegant shopping metropolises worldwide, with its exclusive Königsallee, a splendid boulevard featuring luxury shopping malls and flagship stores, and Schadowstraße, the shopping street achieving the highest turnover in Germany. And last but not least, the trendy boutiques of the Altstadt. This is shopping at its best!

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Guided City Tours

Why do many people in Düsseldorf call the Ratinger Straße 'Retemataeng'? Why is there a ghost in the Schlossturm?

In guided and virtual city tours we show you our city: the Altstadt (old town) with it's pubs and bars, along the Rhine bank, to the new harbour and across the famous Boulevard 'KÖ'.

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Our partner Düsseldorf Tourism GmbH (DT) is happy to provide you with advice and suggestions for a barrier-free stay in our city. You will find details about sights and service institutions as well as information on accessible accommodation, public transport and events.