Gathering at RV Festival, Sharing RV Life: AIC 2019 Press Conference Has Been Held in Beijing


On May 28, the press conference of All in CARAVANING 2019 was successfully held in Beijing. AIC is celebrating its 8th grand festival, which will be held on June 14-16 at Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center (Beijing).


The theme of the conference was "AIC 8th Anniversary: Gathering at RV Festival, Sharing RV Life ". Leaders from four major organizers and related partners attended the conference. In addition, there are more than 20 representatives from exhibitors and more than 30 media outlets. The organizer, Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. officially released its preparations for AIC 2019, and first revealed the highlights that will be staged during the exhibition.


In the past seven years, AIC has been growing with the development of China's RV & Camping industry. No matter the scale of the exhibition or the exhibits, it has been experiencing a quantum and qualitative leap. It has developed into an important platform for China's RV industry and international exchanges, as well as a communicator of RV culture and consumption concepts, and also a practitioner of China’s RV camping industry.


Mrs. Du Yujia, Project Director of AIC, gave a comprehensive introduction to the overall situation of AIC 2019. This year, the scale of AIC has reached a new high, with an exhibition area of ​​37,000 square meters. By the end of May, the booths had been sold out, and more than 200 RVs, RV parts, camp equipment and outdoor brands participated in the exhibition with a strong lineup.


In addition to the opportunity to observe and experience nearly 400 sets of RVs, the visitors can also take part in a variety of concurrent events.


The most notable event is “The 1st Asia RV Conference” co-organized by AIC and China Association of Automobile Manufacturers RV Committee. The organizers will invite experts and leaders from RV industry associations of Germany, Japan and China to attend the conference. In addition, AIC will also launch the “Sino-German Workshop”, and invite the expert from Germany, Mr. Kai Dhonau, President of German RV Dealer Association, as the guest speaker. The “Workshop on Construction and Operation of High-Quality Tourism and Campgrounds” organized by China Self-driving Tour and Camping & Caravaning Association of CTACA is a knowledge gathering that cannot be missed by practitioners in the camp-related industries.


Public visitors and families with children can not only find fun in traditional "AIC Kids Club" and "AIC Outdoor Club", but also participate in this year's "AIC Starter World" specially launched for new RV owners. Professional caravanners are invited to give speeches to help RV starters get valuable knowledge from an objective and neutral perspective. In addition, those who love to travel by RV should not miss the new event "AIC Dream Tour". Mr. Kostya Abert, a German senior RV traveler who is leading the European team along the Silk Road to China, and Mr. Zhang Guangzhi, a well-known Chinese RV traveler, will show you the exquisite RV travel life. In the year of Sino-European RV culture exchange, it is of extraordinary significance for Mr. Kostya Abert to lead European team to drive to China. Their team departed from Germany on May 17 with a total of 21 motorhomes and 42 caravanners, traveling over 15,000 km.


In addition, there will be several new RV launch ceremonies held by exhibitors during the exhibition, with new models, surprise gifts and more highlights.


At the end of the Press Conference, the organizers officially announced the countdown of All in CARAVANING 2019 and looked forward to meeting RV fans in Beijing!


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