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The new edition of GMP at present formally steps into examining and approving stage following revises over ten times and is expected to be introduced within the year. As it has set higher requirements to pharmaceutical equipments in China, enterprises either involving pharmaceutical production or pharmaceutical equipments will confront a new round of survival challenge. In the face of huge development opportunities, how to adapt to the new situation and improve competitiveness has been a new issue for Chinese pharmaceutical industry. And CHINAPHARM 2010 is thus to be held from Oct. 26-29, 2010 aiming at new policy demands of the new edition of GMP. Numerous at home and abroad will exhibit their new products and technologies during the exhibition and the 2010 ISPE - CCPIE China conference will also be held concurrently with the exhibition, thoroughly discussing sterilization and degerming, degerming filtering, cleaning validation, oral solid preparation, technique transfer (from R&D to production), debugging and confirmation, the realization of product quality life cycle, the compliance of computer system, etc. of the drugs of current policy focus on a higher level.
In addition, many enterprises will participate in New Pharmaceutical Technology and Equipment Exchange Conference, which runs with CHINA-PHARM 2010, sharing their products and experiences of practical application cases. Meanwhile, over ten seminars will be held, involving solution for quality and risk control, reducing defective products probabilities of injection, safety in production and test of liquid preparation under the regulations of the new GMP, visual information management center of pharmaceutical factory, process control, factory operation management, parametric release, etc.
We sincerely invite you to Beijing in the golden October and wish you a plentiful and substantial harvest.  
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