CIOSH 2020 Notification of Epidemic Prevention


In order to provide a safe, healthy and reliable exhibition environment, the 100th China International Occupational Safety & Health Goods Expo (CIOSH) will take the necessary epidemic prevention measures in accordance with the joint control requirements of the State Council and Shanghai exhibition industry guide of COVID-19 control and prevention. For your own protection and public health, some information you need to know and must strictly abide during the exhibition.
1. According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, all expo staff, volunteers, exhibitors, and visitors would be required to register under their real name. Everyone entering exhibition is required to meet the four conditions at the same time, including holding consistent ID card, wearing a mask, showing green Shanghai QR Code and having normal body temperature.
2. For all those who enter to exhibition area must wear masks, hand disinfection frequently, maintain a safe social distance, avoid gathering, and reduce physical contact.
3. Green Shanghai QR Code and normal body temperature below 37.3 C. degrees/ 99.14 degrees F. are required. And there is a temporary inspection area outside of the exhibition hall, for anyone with abnormal physical conditions whom should cooperate with onsite expo staff to go to the area for further medical check, if the body temperature is too high, onsite staff should take the record of suspected case’s identity and advise he/she to seek professional medical help or assist in calling ambulance for medical treatment.
4. Real-name authentication registration will be carried out both online and offline. Every exhibitor, visitor, and the expo staff must be consistent with their own ID number and original ID card with face recognition to get badge. Overseas exhibitors’ and visitors’ temporary entry must provide COVID-19 nucleic acid tests report and Notice on Release from Medical Quarantine, and then onsite stuff will take photo a photo of ID or passport to keep accurate visiting records. Exhibition documents are not allowed to be lent out. Once the organizer finds out that the badge is not in person, it will be confiscated and cancelled immediately, and that person shall undertake all the consequences arising therefrom.
5. Pre-register have been encouraged, please follow onsite coordinator whom are at each key position to guiding the way.
6. During the exhibition, exhibitors should disinfect their own booths completely, please prepare disinfectant, sanitizer and other epidemic prevention materials. Implement a daily health registration system, summarize the health status of booth staff twice a day and establish a ledger. If the temperature of the guests entering the booth for treatment is found to be abnormal, they should promptly report the on-site epidemic prevention and control personnel.
7. In addition to the normal entry procedures, all organizers and exhibitors, exhibitors, construction, transportation and other exhibition service personnel must also implement a daily health registration system, which summarizes the health status of the staff twice a day, and must confirm in advance for staff in key areas State of health. All staff must wear masks uniformly.
8. CIOSH will not accept people from high-risk epidemic areas to register for participation and enter the exhibition hall: all participants should stay in regular hotels that meet the health and epidemic prevention conditions, and try not to remove the exhibition venue during the exhibition period In addition, crowded public places. When going out, you must wear masks, wash hands frequently, maintain social distance, and consciously abide by the epidemic prevention regulations of the exhibition hall and the local area. In case of emergencies, the organizer will control the exhibition in accordance with the regulations of the epidemic prevention and control department.

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