The 5th China International Occupational Safety & Health Exhibition Successfully Concludes

Build Authoritative Platform, Achieve Win-win between Exhibitors and Visitors
With the theme "Safe Development, Prevention First", the 5th China International Occupational Safety & Health Exhibition (COS+H 2010), identified as the largest safety production and occupational health exhibition in Asia-pacific region, came to a successful close and aroused intensive response at the China National Convention Center in Beijing on September 3rd, 2010. During the three-day exhibition, more than 15,000 trade elites in the production safety & occupational health sector from different countries and regions worldwide attended the exhibition for visiting, communicating, and business negotiating. Hot discussion and extensive interaction amongst these exhibitors and trade visitors conveyed global counterparts' firm faith in the industry's development.
Infinite Business Opportunities on Site, Updated Technologies and Products Gather Together

The COS+H 2010 has unprecedented scale and takes a floor space of 18,000 square meters. All told, 200-plus equipment vendors and scientific research institutions in safety production and occupational health sector from 13 countries and regions (inclusive of China, USA, UK, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Canada) partook in the exhibition, and therein, international counterparts made up 34% of the total, with famed enterprises present at the exhibition including China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, Sinopec, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Sichuan Academy of Safety Science and Technology, Honeywell, MSA, 3M, Sperian, Draeger, DuPont, OSH China, Shanghai Tai Hsiung, Kimberly, SYSBEL, Tyco, Cheng'an, Shanghai HuaPeng, Schneider, Siemens, and ABB. All exhibitors' new product releases mirrored the industry's updated development trend.

Centered on the "Boost Security by Technology" keynote, the exhibition fully exemplified the science and technology's role in safety production, and it cultivated the "Focus on Safety and Care to Life" social consensus atmosphere, introduced safety technologies into enterprises and mines, and expedited the improvement of safety production technologies through promoting scientific knowledge in respect of safety production and occupational health, displaying domestic and overseas advanced & applicable safety production technology equipments and PPE supplies, and holding technical seminars etc.
At the exhibition, exhibits comprise PPE supplies, coalmine safety technologies and equipments, barrier & explosion-proof technologies and equipments, safety production monitoring instruments & meters, automatic control technologies & equipments, emergency rescue technologies & equipments, and safety cultural products etc. In particularly, to cater for market demands and the industry's updated development trend, the organizer firstly set up outdoor exhibition zone at the exhibition to showcase different kinds of emergency rescue technologies, products, and equipments, which were both advanced and applicable, and reflected domestic and overseas safety production & occupational health technologies' progress at present.
Safety production monitoring instruments & meters and automatic control equipments were newly increased items at the exhibition, and they also served as key component of the safety production technology equipments. Through cooperating with the Instrumentation Technology and Economy Institute of P. R. China, the organizer convened manufacturers of such products to attend the exhibition.
Buyers Gather Together to Purchase Updated Products

In this exhibition, visitors amounted to 15000 person-times, and the State Administration of Work Safety convened the safety supervision bureaus of different provinces, coalmine safety supervision institutions, and relevant personnel of central enterprises to participate in the exhibition. In the meantime, the exhibition was also attended by Japan Society for the Promotion of Industrial Safety and Health, and South Korea Protection Supplies Association, the State Council Delegates of the Fifth China International Forum on Work Safety, a visiting group from the Technology Equipment Department of State Administration of Coal Mine Safety, a visiting group from Tianjin Binhai New Area, a visiting group from Beijing Administration of Work Safety, a visiting group from High Altitude Service Branch, EU delegation, and a visiting group from the Russia Federal Labor Force and Employment Service Bureau etc. Trade visitors universally gave high recognition and favorable appraisal to the exhibition. At home, more than 40 national institutions and large enterprises partook in the exhibition. For instance, the exhibition promoted large-scale international manufacturing enterprises, international automakers, and international shipbuilding firms in Beijing and surrounding cities to visitors, in addition to inviting representatives of industrial parks in Beijing and surrounding areas to constitute to visiting group etc. Atmosphere at the exhibition site abounded with energetic and active elements, and both exhibitors and visitors unanimously said that exhibitions of this kind were tailored to the human being's demands for safety, peace, survival, and health, and they offered favorable opportunities for China and the world to communicate and cooperate in the safety production & occupational health sector.
Spectacular Concurrent Events, Attendees Return with Full Knowledge

At the exhibition, special zones were partitioned for showcasing key sectors in China safety production technology equipment industry like anti-explosion products, PPE supplies, mining safety technology equipments, safety production monitoring instruments & meters and automatic equipments, emergency rescue technologies & equipments, and special vehicles etc. For instance, the high-tech products exhibition zone at the exhibition site displayed safety production fruits, earthquake rescue site simulation, and hazardous chemical leakage accident site demonstration. It is worth pointing out that the this exhibition firstly set up outdoor exhibition zone to vividly showcase different kinds of emergency rescue technologies, products, and equipments.

As the most authoritative high-level forum in safety production & occupational health sector, the Fifth China International Forum on Work Safety, which was jointly organized by the State Administration of Work Safety and the International Labor Organization, was simultaneously held during the exhibition period. Besides, a series of industrial technology seminars attracted more insiders to actively participate in, such as the "New Product & New Technology Release", "CE Certificate Promotional Conference", "Seminar on Application Technology of Rescue Capsule for Coalmine", "Safety Production Automatic Control Technology and Professional Equipment Seminar", "Seminar on Anti-dropping Technology in Elevated Work", "The Situation and Development of Mine Rescue Technology and Equipment", "The Seminar on Situation and Policies of Occupational Health", "The Management Policy on Safety Standard Certificates of Special Protective Devices and Inspection and Verification on Labor Protection Appliances", "The Function and Significance of Enhancing Promotion and Implementation of the Standards on Labor Protection Products" etc.

Spectacular concurrent events further advanced the exhibition's technical content, and so the exhibition was not only a platform for trade communication, but also a carrier for technical exchange.

The COS+H was organized by the State Administration of Work Safety, and jointly undertaken by the National Center for International Cooperation in Work Safety and the Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Since its incorporation in 2002, the COS+H has been held for five straight times. Thanks to its development over past decade, the COS+H has become the international exhibition with the largest scale, highest level, and strongest profession in Asian safety production & occupational health sector. Additionally, COS+H is the world No. 1 safety production & occupational health exhibition, as well as China's only industry trade fair funded by A+A. As of its preparation, this exhibition received high attention and warm welcome from insiders, and not just did it win the support from national ministries & committees like the National Development and Reform Commission, All China Federation of Trade union    , and relevant institutions and industry associations, but also it was attended and bolstered by influential institutions and organizations like the International Labor Organization and USA National Security Council. Likewise, domestic and overseas professional associations and organizations offered strong support to the exhibition and facilitated its holding.

In 2012, the COS+H will come to its next stop Beijing, and let's look forward to the COS+H 2012.
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