COS+H 2010 Grandly Launched in Beijing

August 31, 2010, organized by the State Administration of Work Safety and undertaken by t the National Center for International Cooperation in Work Safety and Messe Düsseldorf Shanghai Ltd., the 5th China International Occupational Safety & Health Exhibition (COS + H 2010) grandly opened at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.
Mr Zhangde Jiang, Vice-Premier of the State Council visited the exhibition, and leaders from members of Work Safety Commission of the State Council accompanied his tour.
As the highest-level, the greatest and most professional event for international technology exchanges and showcase in field of work safety and occupational health in Asia, this exhibition covers space of 18,000 square meters and over 200 exhibitors, mainly from more than 10 countries including the USA, Britain, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada and China.

Focus on eight categories of security technology equipment, highlighting the advanced applicability

The eight categories including safety production monitor and control information system, emergency rescue special equipment, emergency facilities and technologies such as rescue capsules under coalmine, safety control technology and equipment, the workplace occupational hazards monitoring and analysis technology and equipment, barrier explosion-proof technology and equipment, PPE technology and equipment and safety cultural products are the Exhibition highlight. The displayed technologies and products are applicable to coal, oil and petrochemical, transportation, fire safety, electricity, communications information, metallurgy, environmental protection and other industries with advanced applicability. The Exhibition has attracted many famous enterprises at home and abroad to participate, such as the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Sichuan Academy of Safety Science and Technology, Daimler - Benz, Honeywell, MSA, 3M, Sperian, DuPont, and OSH China. In addition, Shanghai HuaPeng Explosion-proof Technology Co. Ltd. appeared in the barrier explosion proof special zone, and industrial automation special zone will have Schneider, Siemens, Omron, Piltz, Dark Horse, ABB and other companies to participate.


Consider actual work to highlight key technologies

This year, the State Administration of Safety Supervision and the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety vigorously promoted throughout the country "rescue capsules under coalmine" and other risk hedging facilities. According to the State Administration of Work Safety Supervision arrangements, the Exhibition will specially set up mine safety production technology and equipment exhibition zone, in which both domestic and foreign famous enterprises can focus to show rescue capsules under coalmine, personnel positioning system, mine monitoring and control and other advanced technologies and equipment.
Safety production monitoring instrumentation and automation control equipment is new in this Exhibition, also an important component of safety production technology and equipment. Organizer and Instrumentation Technology and Economy Institute co-organized the enterprises of such products to exhibit.

Technical seminars, policy interpretation and propaganda activities concurrent with exhibition

To enrich the exhibition site activities, increase the level of technical exchanges, while fully using the Exhibition platform to advance national related work, the Exhibition will arrange several technical seminars and related policies and standards interpretation and propaganda activities, covering the International Seminar on dissemination and application of emergency facilities such as rescue capsules under coalmine, high-altitude operation anti-drop security technology seminars, the seminar on the current situation and policies of occupational health. These seminars will provide intellectual support for development of the industry. Meanwhile, experts from the State Administration of Safety Supervision Planning and Technology Division, the Occupational Safety and Health Regulatory Division, the National Workplace Emergency Management Center, and the National Security Marks Management Center will be on site at the exhibition to explain the relevant national policies, and answer questions raised by exhibitors and visitors. 
National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science, Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Railways, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, China Earthquake Administration, State Electricity Regulatory Commission, the National Federation of Trade union      s and other national departments, Safety Association of Work Safety, China Coal Industry Association, China Machinery Industry Federation, China Enterprise Confederation, China Occupational Safety and Health Association and other industry associations, the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China Light Industry Group and other central enterprises gave great support to the preparation and convening of the Exhibition; International Social Security Association, International Association of Labor Inspection, Australian Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, Canada Industrial Accident Prevention Association, On-the-job Insurance League of Germany, Indonesia Coal Mining Association, South Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency, and other foreign institutions also gave high attention and positive support to the Exhibition.
With the theme of  "Safe Development, Prevention First" , COS+H plays a vigorous role in promoting the innovation of safety technology and the development of occupational safety and protective equipment industry both in China and in the world by dedicating itself to the upgrade of China's occupational safety technologies.

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