Dongguan China Shoes . China Shoetec Incorporating China Bags Zone Partners with Y-Trends to Induce Inspiration on Latest Design

Nowadays, the world economy has entered into an era of global competition and development. Grasping the latest international fashion trends let corporations to stay close to the market and meet customers' needs on designing their footwear.To meet buyers' need on getting the latest design inspiration and capturing upcoming trends, organizers of the 12th Dongguan China Shoes · China Shoetec Incorporating China Bags Zone will have an inaugural cooperation with Y-Trends, the design consultant agency of the global No.1 trade fair –GDS, and expect to bring a fashion feast for trade players.
The design leader, Y-Trends, is the renowned international trend agency from Netherlands, which provides trend analysis and consulting service for fashion industry. In the past decade, it has built a great reputation by working for leading brands such as Timberland, K-Swiss and Birkenstock, and presenting at various trade shows all over the world. Y-Trends combines her in-depth knowledge on the global footwear market with a strong creative vision, which provides highly accurate and inspiring forecasts to the industry.
Y-Trends specializes in footwear design and forecast, with a special focus on young fashion and sneakers, sustainable footwear and long term innovation. Being the official design partner of Dongguan China Shoes, Y-Trends will conduct five lectures with different topics to cover the new trends and designs. The lectures are are open to all visitors. Meanwhile, Y-Trends will showcase overseas boutique and vivid photos on-site, which will definitely bring inspiration to trade players. Nicoline van Enter, the main speaker of Y-Trends, will bring brand-new concepts to audience. Shewill give a series of seminars at Dongguan China Shoesregarding the latest young fashion trends and other topics including eco footwear and new ways to design shoes, etc.
Young Fashion and Sneaker Trends for SS 2011 and AW 2011/12
Y-Trends is renowned for its fresh, yet practical lectures. Nicoline van Enter will present the global trends in shoes and sneakers on young fashion at two different seminars, one covering spring/summer 2011 and another for fall/winter 2011/12. Each lecture will first explain the background of the upcoming trends and will then talk about how these affect colors, materials, last shapes, soles and styles.
Seminar Subject:Trends for young fashion and sneakers for Spring/Summer 2011
Date & Time:Oct 28, 2010 13:00-14:00
Seminar Subject:Trends for young fashion and sneakers for Autumn/Winter 2011/2012
Date & Time:Oct 30, 2010 10:00-11:00
Children's Footwear Trends for Spring/Summer 2011 and Fall/Winter 2011/12
With the high demand from buyers, Y-Trends decided to add a special lecture for children's footwear. In the talk Nicoline van Enter will explain how both retailers and manufacturers can learn from development trend of other kids'products, in order to bring more creativity to children's shoe market and to better fulfill the needs of both kids and parents.
Seminar Subject:Trends in children's footwear for 2011 Spring/Summer & 2011/2012 Autumn/Winter
Date & Time: Oct 29, 2010 10:00-11:00,
Sustainable and Fair Trade Footwear
Y-Trends is the only trend agency who specialize in eco footwear, giving advice on this important topic all over the world. The lecture will cover new developments in eco materials and structure for footwear, with special attention on vegan and non-leather shoes. Nowadays many brands donate money to charity to help people in need, yet Nicoline will explain how footwear companies can make a more meaningful contribution through "fair trade not aid" footwear collections.
Seminar Subject:Eco and fair trade developments in footwear
Date & Time: Oct 28, 2010 15:30-16:30
Design Management for China
Nicoline van Enter of Y-Trends also works as a design management teacher at many international schools, so she will give a special lecture about footwear design management aimed specifically at both Chinese manufacturers and Chinese designers. In the coming years, China will have to shift from a country for production to a country for creative development. Chinese designers shall not only look for inspiration from Western countries, but shall make use of its own rich cultural background on the design. Nicoline will explain what is needed to build successful international footwear brands, and how to applyexisting resources on creative elements that are already available in China on footwear design.
Seminar Subject:Footwear design management and Chinese elements in design
Date & Time: Oct 29, 2010 14:15-15:15

Dongguan China Shoes · China Shoetec Incorporating China Bags Zone is jointly organized by China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts (CCCLA), Messe Düsseldorf Shanghai Ltd., Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. and Guangdong Modern Convention and Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. It is the only professional shoes and handbags exhibition in Dongguan as well as the UFI-approved event.

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