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As the world economy rebounds, undoubtedly, the year 2010 represents a golden period for the printing industry in China to seize opportunities and achieve innovative development. The " Rejuvenation Programme of Cultural Industry" released by the State Council and the No.1 file of the Guidance to Further Promote the Development of Press and Publication Industry initiated by the General Administration of Press and Publication are policy support for the printing industry to turn challenges into opportunities. In 2010, it has witnessed the warming trend in printing industry as proved by increasing number of orders, soaring sales of printing equipment and avalanche of overseas customers. All these signs indicate a booming printing industry in China.

As one of the most influential and professional printing exhibitions in China, All in Print China shoulders the mission to lead the development of the printing industry in China and promote the economic development of this industry. With the slogan of Synergy of the Print and Digital Era, the 4th All in Print China highlights the significance of innovation, upgrading, integration and development to the industry against the background of accelerating information dissemination and prevailing development of green printing. This event also shows the achievements and trend in the printing industry in recent years as well as the vigor and vitality of printing technology.

As the warm spring comes up, the 4th All in Print China has launched exhibitor recruitment and received enthusiastic responses from domestic and abroad. We are convinced that the exhibition is growing for the better in 2011.

The promotion and publicity of the 4th All in Print China is well on the way. Since May 2009 when the promotion campaign was kicked off, the organizer has been promoting the exhibition in industry shows including Print 09 in Chicago, JGAS in Japan and Label Expo as well as a series of domestic exhibitions, and the effort was rewarded by strong interests and support from local industry associations and printing manufacturers.

Compared with past events, the highlights of the 4th All in Print China lies in the setup of various special zones for low carbon, environment protection, higher education, as well as labels and notes, thus interpreting the charm of printing in a more professional way. Besides that, this event will not differentiate foreign exhibitors from domestic ones as the exhibition will be zoned according to printing technologies, equipment and devices.

Based on the success story and best practice of the past three editions, the 4th All in Print China will, as always, offer a technology exchange platform with the most professional services for exhibitors and visitors from different parts of the world for a fresh, innovative, and harmonious future of the printing industry in China and around the world.

The 4th All in Print China is to be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from 14th – 17th November 2011, aiming to highlight the prosperous upturning of both China’s economy and printing industry to the world.

The 4th All in Print China is in full swing and we are looking forward to your participation.

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